Best Camping Tent: 10 Reasons Why Coleman Sundome Tent is the best fit?

I adore spending time outside. But you need a good tent and equipment in order to properly appreciate this. I’m going to discuss the Coleman Sundome Tent in this article and explain why it’s possibly the best camping tent you’ll ever buy for the money.

What Makes This Tent Recommended for Camping?

If you don’t know me, I’m really fussy when it comes to selecting the appropriate camping gear. I’ve tried a lot of “High Quality” tents over the years—at least, they seemed to be High Quality. It appears that these HQ tents’ assertions that they are durable enough for the outdoors are not always true.

The last tent I purchased for camping excursions was the Sundome 3 Person Tent. Why? Because every camping trip I have taken this tent on has been quite useful and it has lasted the test of time.

The Best Camping Tent

Ten Reasons Why This Is The Best Camping Tent, with Pros and Cons for Me


  • This tent is affordable and of great quality, therefore I’ll use it for many years to come.
  • The zippers are completely snag-free, very smooth, and watertight.
  • Can accommodate a queen-sized mattress while STILL having plenty of space for additional luggage and backpacks.
  • Coleman continues to withstand the high-quality construction.
  • Contains adequate ventilation to prevent condensation from accumulating.
  • The tent is incredibly lightweight, easy to erect (Even at night), and simple to store.
  • There is space for six people to sit and play cards! survived a four to five hour thunderstorm and woke up absolutely dry.
  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • It only 8.2 pounds in weight!


  • Can experience some seam leakage.
  • Before utilising it, the seams must be sealed with Seam Grip; once done, it will weather thunderstorms admirably.
  • Has good ventilation to avoid condensation, but heat escapes outside as a result. Making some heat-retaining coverings with Velcro attachments is an easy way to address this.
  • Blocking the vents with a blanket is another excellent strategy to keep the heat inside. You will stay toasty all night long with this. It works excellent!

By doing this, you may fully benefit from this tent…external to the sundome tent Every piece of camping gear has advantages and disadvantages. Doing this first will help you get the most use out of this affordable tent:

  • Use Seam Grip to seam seal every corner.
  • To survive a rainy night, the tent siding needs to be waterproofed.

Following these simple instructions will keep you dry all night. However, it might be better if you only use this tent for a sunny weekend if you STILL don’t want to take the chance of waking up in a pool of water (You should be alright as long as you waterproof the sides).

Although it’s possible that I got a faulty tent: I’ve read accounts of people who slept through their tents all night while it was pouring down rain and woke up absolutely dry, with no sign of any leakage.

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Best for Family Camping
Some Points To Remember
  • Simple to set up I assert that I can erect this tent by myself in less ten minutes, and customer reviews back up my assertion.
  • High Quality And Durable – Its “High Quality” promise is unquestionably accurate. The fact that this tent has endured the test of time has my full support.
  • Coleman Products – Coleman is a reputable brand that creates goods that essentially simplify camping life.
  • Longer Stakes – While the included stakes are generally fine to use, you might need longer stakes for softer terrain, like sand or soft/wet dirt. The stakes you receive will essentially function on every type of terrain.
  • Temperature – Given the frigid nights, the temperature is not the best. However, if you do a little DIY building (with sleeping bags and heaps of blankets), you can be warm and comfortable all night.
  • Carrying bags You will receive a carry bag and an additional storage bag. The fabric will go in one bag, and the stakes and poles will go in the other. So it’s simple to divide the work between two workers.
  • Setting Up The Tent – To make setting up the tent easier, seal all vents and the door to maintain even tension throughout.

When disassembling the tent, keep in mind that Coleman advises doing so in order to prevent rips or other fabric damage. This is why you should keep the fabric and poles/stakes in two different bags. If you intend to store it for a longer amount of time, make sure it is clean and, of course, dry.


Aside from potential rain issues that may develop on your camping vacation, the tent does a commendable job of performing. It does, however, have a number of pros to back it up. The breathability is great without being overly windy, and the zippers are waterproof.

Even with the mattress and camping equipment inside, there is still plenty of room for movement. Setup and breakdown are really easy.

I don’t regret buying this tent because the warm, dry nights I’ve had in it have well outweighed the cost of a $200–$300 “High Quality” tent that never actually lives up to its promises of longevity.

Overall, despite the setbacks I had to make with the seam and waterproofing, I still heartily recommend this tent because of its cost, good quality, and ability to live up to its promises.

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